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Chris "The Doc" Ingrassia (Owner of Mustang Restoration, Inc and host of the Operation Mustang Web Show) has been keeping these American icons out of our junkyards for over 30 years. His expertise is vast and he is always helping those whose passion is the American institution; the Ford Mustang. The TankTop is the latest innovation by "the Doc" to continue keeping these fantastic cars safe for everyone. The Tank Top lays easily over the existing gas tank providing it with not only a new looking exterior, but giving it protection from most common trunk hazards. When you compare the price of a new gas tank, as well as the labor to replace, you will see why the Tank Top has become such a popular alternative to replacement. Take a look at the video and contact us with any questions.

The Tank Top is so easy to install that Chris will install it for you for Free (Bring it to his shop and he will put it right in) Otherwise just put aside about 15 mins and you can easily do it yourself. Your trunk will look fantastic and the top of your tank will be safe from possible dents and dings.

Fits all 1964 1/2 mustang gas tanks1965 mustang gas tanks1966 mustang gas tanks1967 mustang gas tanks1968 mustang gas tanks1969 mustang gas tanks, and 1970 mustang gas tanks.

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