Classic Mustang Links Page

Exchange Links with Me or Just Browse Mine

These links combine sites of friends of mine with others I do business with, along with other sites that I just like and thought you would find useful. Shoot me a note if you would like to exhange links with me. I would be glad to as long as you are classic Mustang related and treat your customers and visitors as I do; like family. I ask that you return a link to this page and I will email you code to place onto your site. Email me and we'll get it done. Otherwise, enjoy the classic Mustang links!

Restoring Classic Mustangs
This is one of my sites that I just had fun putting together. It has some how to videos on it, some pictures of some of the Mustangs that we have done and some pretty cool roll overs and an embeded Youtube video of the shop. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Operation Mustang
This is my 30 min web show site. I have about 25 episodes up and each one is jammed with useful Mustang Restoration information. Enjoy.


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