We get quite a few emails telling us how useful the TankTop is and how customers are glad that they purchased it. We are in the process of posting them now so, feel free to send your Kudos and I will make sure its posted here as well. Thanks. - the Doc

"I LOVE the TankTop!"
Steve J. / Minneapolis, MN

"Why has it taken so long for something like this to hit the market? I ordered mine and it was dropped off at my house 4 days later."
Peter M. / Sarasota, FL

"Why not just get a new gas tank? Because I don't feel like spending an entire day replacing it. Installing the TankTop took me 20 minutes and looks great!"
Mark K. / Naperville, IL

"When I ordered it I didn't think that it would be as well made as it is. You definately get what you pay for."
Jesus O. / New York City, NY

"One of the first things that the judge of a show I entered my Mustang into was pull back my trunk's liner to see the condition of my trunk. I'm glad I had my TankTop on. I didn't come in first; but third is nice too.. lol.. I'm pretty sure if the judge saw the top of my old tank, I would have lost third. Thanks TankTop."
Andrew B. / Provo, UT

"I got my TankTop and love it, but I really want to come into the shop and pick your brain about another restoration I'm doing. Would that be OK?" 
           No problem. Let me know when works best for you. - the Doc

"Thanks for the help on the phone, Doc! I had some questions (not about installation) and you took the time to help. Thats service"
Herman T. / Dallas, TX

"I not only got my TankTop by UPS the other day, but you DID throw in a couple extra screws. Thanks, Doc!"
Susan T / Seattle, WA

"My TankTop fit as promised and looks great."
Thomas L / Belleview, WA

"A friend of mine saw my TankTop and he works at a local classic car restoration shop. Now he wants on for his 69 Mustang."
George A / Portsmith, PA

"I got a TankTop the other day for my 1965 convertible, but could have used one ten years ago when a screwdriver pierced the tank of a '67 I had. At least I know that the same thing will not happen to my 65. lol.."
Demeron Z. / St Louis, MO

"... I'm amazed that it fit so well and that it really only DID take 20 mins to install."
Tucker N. / Huntington Beach, CA

"I ordered one for my 1967 to see how I would like it, before I ordered one for my other two... OK, now I need one for my 1965 and my 1968."
Salvidor Y / Bethesda, MD

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