You have spent so much time and money to make sure your classic 1970 Mustang is in the best shape that it can be; so make sure you don't skimp at the trunk. Not only will the TankTop keep any fuel smell to a minimum, but it will also protect your gas tank from normal nics, dings and dents which happen with use. Classic Mustangs need to be driven and the TankTop will let you do just that with the peace of mind that all is OK in your trunk.The ultimate in 1970 classic Mustang gas tank protection.

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  • 1970 Classic Mustang Gas Tank Protection
    Finally, an affordable solution for gas tank protection for classic Ford Mustangs. The TankTop is a carefully measured barrier, constructed of 20 gauge steel, which has been designed to fit directly on top of the existing classic Mustang gas tank. The TankTop is designed to protect the existing..
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